Taurus the Bull.
The Bull is not a pack animal.

I am an uninhibited, unconventional, nonconformist.

I've tried being good, turns out I get bored easily.

I'm a Hedonist.

Live & Let Live!

Patchouli is my soul-scent.

Sex? Yes, Please!

I love undressing a well dressed man, but doesn't everyone?

Daddy issues? Got ‘em…I keep ‘em in my bedroom.

Is it taboo? I want to see it, read it, or... 

The older I get, the more I genuinely don't give a flip about what anyone thinks...unless, they're thinking what I'm thinking; in that event...come 'ere.
Please don't take that to mean, that I don't read or consider an opposing position, I most definitely do.
Please don't take that to mean, that this site, is a bastion of democracy, it most definitely, is not.

Most of what I'm posting here, is subjective. There is no right, or wrong; with the exception of grammar. Commas(,) are of the devil. If Grammar-itis, is a thing, I've got it. 

FOOD? I’m damn near a pirate...Eat, Drink & Be Merry!...

I’ve studied, and experienced enough theology/religiousity, to have developed a fondness for Deism, and an irreverence for organized $uper$tition.

Books? "Reading is fundamental." I read anything, from astrology to zoology.

Chances are pretty high, I'm going to blog about everything from puppies to porn. Well...maybe one of these days I'll blog about puppies.


My musical taste runs the gambit. I listen to commercial radio, accidentally, once or twice a year.

I got hooked on independent/college stations way before satellite radio’s existence. My eclectic listening experience could never be satisfied with repetitive, predictable, selections, aimed at the programmed masses…to each her own. Meh.

Beauty for me is…George Gershwin's - Rhapsody In Blue, kindness, white canines, sunsets in Sedona, the Caribbean Ocean, Autumn in New England, sunrise on a lake in a high mountain meadow, a well-educated lover…

The endless universe, fascinates me, endlessly. 

I am constantly learning.

I am constantly learning...


cropped-Drawing-16-300x300 About

Sexy Savvy Stylish Seniors/Mature Older Adults...

My hope is that you are emotionally, spiritually, erotically, intellectually fit, and mature enough to appreciate the warm, spirited hospitality, here.

Not only both genders, but ALL genders...please make yourself at HOME here. 

Risqué, thoughtful, erotic, intelligent, naughty, good-humored, and non-judgemental; comments, recipes, stories, jokes, etc...are thoroughly welcomed and appreciated.
What won’t be welcomed here, is mean-spirited, immature (any age), abusive, preachy, venomous, contributions.



Taurus won't hesitate to call you out on your shit.