Posted by MzPatchouli on July 8, 2017

What People Think

What People Think Caring about what people think is a given. Worrying about what people think, is a haunting. I don’t suppose a hedonist is capable of worrying about what people think. This one isn’t. Caring about what others think of me, means I respect them and their opinions; however, it does not mean that

Posted by MzPatchouli on June 30, 2017

How A Single Mom Teaches Her Son To Shave

How A Single Mom Teaches Her Son To Shave My favorite job of all time? Motherhood.  I enjoyed this little human so much. When mothers would meet us, they would be stunned to hear me go on about how much I “liked” my child. As if reading from a script they would tell me that

Posted by MzPatchouli on June 20, 2017

The Mayberry Years

The Mayberry Years Most of the games I played were with the boys in my neighborhood. I grew up in a land far-far away, where children got dirty & sweaty playing outdoors all day. We improvised and used our imagination much of the time. I preferred cops & robbers and cowboys & Indians to ‘playing

Posted by MzPatchouli on June 18, 2017

Eating Dinner Out Alone?

Eating Dinner Out Alone? As an adult, I became too self-conscious to eat dinner alone in a restaurant…so I thought. I shuddered at the mere thought of eating out alone. Not only have I overcome this anxiety, I’ve discovered how much social engagement I’d been missing out on. Turns out ‘solo dining’ is perfect for

Posted by MzPatchouli on July 27, 2016

Rethink Anal!

Please rethink, anal…seriously. You dress to seduce. In other words, you dress to be undressed (prayerfully).  I compliment men on their attire far more than women. Because I’m into men? Maybe. Men seem to appreciate the compliment so much more. Then again, they pay so much more for their garments. I love looking a strange man in the



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