Reading is one of Mz Patchouli's insatiable passions.
Consider me Bookish.

       Bookish (The Free Dictionary):  Given to, characterized by, or resulting from the habitual reading of books; studious.

Please know to expect my books, like my site, to be peppered with MATURE CONTENT

Consider me worldly as well, just to be fair.

               Worldly (Merriam Webster): of, relating to, or devoted to this world and its pursuits rather than to religion or spiritual affairs.

I'm going down a rabbit hole be fair(er), you would need to consider me spiritual, though.

                             Spiritual (The Urban Dictionary): What people on dating sites describe themselves as because they are  afraid that nobody wants to marry an atheist. 🙂

OK. Back to Bookish...

It is my pleasure to share some of my favorite books and authors with you.
You are welcome to leave me your favorites or recommendations in the comment section. I'd like that.

I am over-the-moon grateful, for the existence of, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited.

I don't know how I managed before Audible allows me to read, while 
shopping, jogging, driving, etc.

Kindle holds my libraries. Kindle Unlimited, is a quasi virtual lending library.
Although I read many genres, Kindle permits me to read, hot-dark-erotica, and no
one is any the wiser, nor able to see a salacious book cover.

Here’s something that I have no love for...spending my irreplaceable
time reading, reviewing, tweeting, retweeting, following an author, and
not getting so much as nod, from the author in their
very own, genres’ community. Seriously?

There are some crazy good writers out there, and if you think you’re
the best...guess who those writers coming after?

Cool thing about me...I don’t leave negative comments,
tweets, pins, or anything, else...I just keep it movin’.

To all of the impassioned, stirring, generous,

gracious, writers out there…


I love reading today, more than I hated reading in grade school. Reading the Kama Sutra, opened up a whole new realm for me, as a teenager. My mom was so happy, to see my new enthusiasm for literature. Bless her heart, she had no idea.

I enjoy reading everything, from World Histories, to Hot Dark Erotica, and many genre's in between.

So many books, and authors, must be read audibly, or one might miss something special, and germane to the story. Read on...

Drawing-7-1 Bookish